Indie Spotlight Preview: The Magic Stone

Posted by Craig Kessler on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Indie Spotlight Preview: The Magic Stone

Last year I reviewed a movie for our Indie Spotlight segment called One Hour Fantasy Girl.  The movie about a lost girl out in LA trying to make money to put away for her future by becoming a fantasy girl to her clients was one of the top indie movies I saw of 2009.  I had a great talk with Producer John Paul Rice about the movie and how the concept came about and the research that went into it.  The movie was fantastic and I highly recommend people checking it out.

Fast forward to now and this small production company is back again with writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo bringing us a brand new movie called The Magic Stone.

From IMDB:

An 18 year old homeless boy, raised by a violent schizophrenic mother, believes he’s been given a stone that allows him to enter and control the minds and bodies of people.

Sounds just about crazy enough to work.  And who said there was no creativity left in Hollywood?  With remakes and CGI galore nowadays, this look to be another tough character driven movie built upon relationships in a hard situation.  As I gather more information about this movie I will talk about it in more detail and will review and have a giveaway for the DVD when it comes out.

For now, check out the exclusive trailer for the movie The Magic Stone.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. It has all the qualities of a good old 1940’s film… only, it’s not in black and white. It’s nice to see a film that gives you time to watch what’s happening and doesn’t change camera angles every five seconds. I can tell the actors are very good too.

  2. @Greg I agree, so many movies today rely too much on the fast action sequences and before you know it you have a headache. I like a good solid movie with intriguing dialogue and excellent acting.

  3. I’m glad you understand what I mean Craig.

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