Do We Really Need An Entourage Movie?

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Do We Really Need An Entourage Movie?

This is a safe place so I am not going to lie to you all: I both watched and enjoyed the first three seasons of Entourage. What?! Yes, it’s true. And why not? As an LA native, I was enthralled by a show that decidedly depicted the Westside–with occasional bits of the Eastside, which I call my home, thrown in; as an all-girls Catholic school goer, I was captivated by the friendship between boys, even as bro-y as these particular boys may have been; and as a person interested in the film industry, I of course loved the show’s self-professed true-to-life portrayal of this life. This show–Entourage–seemed perfect for me. And for three years it was.

And then what happened? Nothing really. Seriously, nothing started to happen– the story lines got dull and repetitive, the LA depicted got trendier and more pretentious, and the boys became even bro-ier. What started off as a show that set out to tell a tale of four NY natives trying to make it in Hollywood became a show about four guys sleeping with the plastic blondes that line the streets of West Hollywood. And the show’s creators an writers soon became aware of that and focused heavily on Entourage‘s last remaining interesting and nuanced character–Ari Gold.

So it’s been over two years since the show saw it’s last season, but they left with the whispered promise of a movie. A movie about some guys trying to be in movies? How very meta. And as The Playlist has just reported, the script of this rumored film is almost complete, penned by show creator Doug Ellin.

Following in the misplaced footsteps of The Sex and the City movies and the hopefully great and powerful footsteps of the upcoming Arrested Development movie, Entourage will soon be another example in the recent-show-turned-movie category. And how does that make me feel? Well, not great.

As much as my younger self enjoyed the show’s beginnings, I have a harping feeling that the movie will follow the same format of the later seasons–those where nothing happens save for the sexcapades of four admittedly annoying, whiny bros living a fantasy life in LA. I fear that this will become a prototype for all bro-y male fantasies if it hasn’t already. Well, even if it does, the overwhelming question I have is: will this movie have an actual plot or will it maintain more to the depressing this-is-reality format it had become?

Ugh, whatever (which is coincidentally what I said aloud after watching my last episode so many years ago). Let me just say that if this movie has to be made, let it please include a drug-ridden Joshua Tree trip.

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