Shirley MacLaine?! Hell yes!

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Shirley MacLaine?! Hell yes!

Long before there was Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, and Amy Poehler–you know those women that can make you laugh whole heartily, while simultaneously making you tear up at their sincerity and good nature–there was Shirley MacLaine. And MacLaine, who in my memory has always seemed to be my grandmother’s age, has done just that–made us laugh while also making us cry–with a plethora of roles in a wide variety of films. We loved to make her mad as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias, to watch her torture Nicolas Cage as Tess in Guarding Tess, to see her meddle in her son’s love life as Mrs. Winterbourne in the so-titled movie, and especially to witness her Oscar-winning part-diabolical, part-selfless relationship with her daughter as Aurora in Terms of Endearment (talk about tears!).

Shirley MacLaine just seems to be the original–or perhaps just the best– funny yet real woman, sorry Betty White. And it is because of that reason that every time I hear the undeniably talented (seriously, watch Terms of Endearment) MacLaine is considering gracing us with her presence with yet another film role, my small skeptical heart jumps with joy. So you can only imagine the flips it’s currently doing after The Hollywood Reporter claimed that she is in talks to star opposite Melissa McCarthy in the upcoming comedy Tammy.

What exactly is Tammy? Well, if you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, then you know that anything with the name Tammy in it is going to be good. But even if you’re not a fan of the beloved show, fear not and allow me to reassure you that Tammy is going to be good. Co-written by McCarthy herself (the Lorelai Gilmore in me is loving her success), Tammy is a road-trip comedy where a granddaughter (McCarthy) takes her alcoholic, dirty-minded and -mouthed grandmother (MacLaine, if she accepts) on a trip usually reserved for comedies sans women (uh, Road Trip, The Hangover, etc.). That’s right, you read correctly. Not only is Shirley MacLaine all but a certainty in a new comedy, but this is a comedy that seems to be breaking some sort of boundaries. Can you read my giant smile?!

Here’s the thing: MacLaine could literally do anything and I would be on board, but it’s always a good feeling to know that she’s doing something that I would very likely enjoy even if she didn’t star. But now that she is? Oh, happy day!

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