Watch: Agent Hashtag with Kellan Lutz!

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Watch: Agent Hashtag with Kellan Lutz!

Another day, another Funny or Die video, right? Well, while I guess that’s true, some days we are lucky enough to get really funny Funny or Die videos that hit fairly close to home. Those days are less common, I believe. I look at Funny or Die like a Saturday Night Live episode– I usually laugh about 10 percent of all videos. So when those days happen with funny videos, we must celebrate the same way we do when we watch Seth Meyers give his Weekend Update in a sea of mediocre humor.

And so, cue the latest funny Funny or Die video: Agent Hashtag, staring easy-on-the-eyes Kellan Lutz (of Twilight fame as his IMDB page informs me). Agent Hashtag is a trailer-style video previewing what looks to be a hilarious upcoming (if only!) movie about a spy living and breathing in a digital world. That’s right, he Instagrams, Four Squares, Tweets, and Facebooks, his latest spy conquests.

Ripe with language of this digital age– so hip that I didn’t even get much of it– Agent Hashtag is a funny, lighthearted take on what social media has done to us. And, like all good humor, it successfully adds bits of truth to this overall joke. These bits, that while funny and cute, mirror our reality a little too closely, so much so that I decided to blog about it. How meta.

Click here to watch Agent Hashtag or watch it below, if for no other reason than to gear up to you live-tweeting your wait in an all-night line to see the new (and last) Twilight.

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