Netflix & Disney: The Greatest Pairing Ever?

Posted by Rande Iaboni on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Netflix & Disney: The Greatest Pairing Ever?

Breaking news Netflix users and Disney lovers, the latter has officially gotten access to movies directly from the former. Yes Banterers, starting in 2016, Netflix will become the only U.S. subscription TV service to offer programs from Pixar, Marvel, ABC, ABC Family, and Walt Disney Animation!

Now many of you may be thinking, ‘Cool, I will soon be watching Disney films, but I’ve been watching movies on Netflix for years so why is this such a big deal?’ Well the reason is because you will be given access to movies from Disney right after they’ve been made available for sale and rental! Prior to this deal, Netflix has had plenty of films from major studios available to users, but not until years after they were originally released!

Now this is fantastic news for Netflix users in my opinion, as an avid Netflix streamer my biggest qualm with the service is that most of the films available to me are way too old and I’ve frankly seen most of them. With the exception of The CW deal (which has made all of their television programs available to stream as soon as they are available on DVD), this is the first time users will have access to more current material.

So how much money is coming out of Netflix’s pockets for a deal like this? Obviously the official details have not been disclosed, but The Los Angeles Times has reported the 3-year agreement could potentially cost them more than $300 million each year! Now even with Disney, Pixar, and Marvel titles combined, do you think that is worth it? The answer remains to be seen and unfortunately we may be waiting until 2016 to know for sure if this was a smart investment for Netflix.

One positive sign? Netflix shares went up a reported 14% since the announcement yesterday!

So I ask you Banterers, for those who don’t already have Netflix, would this deal persuade you to possibly sign up?! And also, do you hope other studios begin to follow suit? I know I do!

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