Why Can’t Disney Just Get It Right?

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Why Can’t Disney Just Get It Right?

With the delayed-release and subsequent failure of a blockbuster, John Carter, this summer, to say that Disney has been a little on edge would be an understatement. And rightfully so: with a budget of $250,000,000, they only got roughly $30 million of that back on its opening weekend and grossed a sad total of $73 million nationally. Depressing right? Well, sure, except that I maintain that I know the two things that went wrong with the film. First, it was already made and released. Yup, this movie was called Immortals, and while it, in theory (and probably application), was a completely different movie, the trailers were so similar that I was sure–certain even–that John Carter had already been released when it actually graced screens this summer. Second, you cannot–CANNOT–make a movie with Taylor Kitsch and expect it to be good. Sorry, you just can’t. Both Battleship and Savages made that fatal mistake, making Kitsch at the center of three of the biggest flops of last year. Not even Oliver Stone could save him.

So now Disney is looking to up its status, hoping everyone forgot about the terrible-ness that was John Carter (oh yeah, realll likely), and how do they decide to do that? Oh, that’s right, they make another big budgeted (what’s another $250 million, right?). Well, I guess that’s a start. If only the movie they chose to lay down the ‘ol $250 million for was not perceived as incredibly offensive and racist. That’s right, I’m referring to The Lone Ranger, the Jerry Bruckheimer produced Disney film that pairs the producer with Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp once again. Considering how well the Pirates franchise did, it seems like a safe bet right?

Wrong. The answer is always wrong when you get Disney involved in racial profiling (uh, Aladdin, Mulan, and Pocahontas anyone?). And then throw in a very, very ridiculously stereotypical image of a Native American in the trailer and you got yourself a very big WRONG. It doesn’t even matter that you promised to show the movie from said Native American’s perspective. In fact, it makes it worse. But maybe you learned your lesson? Judging by the newly released trailer for the Super Bowl, The Lone Ranger is now focusing more on the title role–played by Armie Hammer. Will this save the widely-ridiculed film from box office tanking?

Well, I guess it could have. If only the trailer didn’t include a nice little ending of Native American stereotypes. Keeps swinging, Disney. Watch the trailer below:

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