Pain & Gain: Are You Serious?!

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Pain & Gain: Are You Serious?!

So, there has been one “what were you thinking!” movie on my mind as of late, and I feel like it’s not really my fault. Rather, I am not constantly thinking of this movie, I just keep being inundated with reminders that this movie is actually going to happen. The trailer seems to be everywhere. When I saw Spring Breakers, while The Bling Ring trailer was the best part of the movie, this trailer was the worst part of the movie. The upcoming film’s actors somehow keep turning up everywhere I turn. And now, this: a newly released clip on Youtube.

What movie am I referring to? Oh you know, the Michael Bay directed (of course) Pain & Gain, starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, and Tony Shalhoub, about a group of body builders who decide to seek revenge on their gym-boss hot shot. It’s just, what?!

First, why did this movie get made? I am surely not the only person in America that believes that Michael Bay should be stripped of all his movie-making rights, especially after that last Transformers installment. I kind of get The Rock starring in this movie, but Mark Wahlberg can get a better movie than this, right? Maybe he just had some bro-time to kill in between the Entourage show and its feature-film debut. And Rebel Wilson?! Say it ain’t so. I had hoped that my Bachelorette/Pitch Perfect break-out star eternal crush would have had better sense (and given better roles) than this.

Second, why is it getting so much press? Yes, there are some semi-credible actors in this flick, Ed Harris being the primary example, but I just do not understand. The movie looks absolutely terrible, the plot unintelligible, and the acting horrific. WHY!

Third, what?! I just cannot wrap my head around this one guys. This was true when I first read the synopsis, remained true after my first (second and third) viewing of the trailer, and especially true after the clip below was released this weekend. Do you understand? If so, please explain.

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  1. “Michael Bay should be stripped of all his movie-making rights”

    That statement alone makes your opinion a total joke. A total joke. Do you even know who Michael Bay is, my friend? Do you know that he has created some of the most infuelntial action films of the last 20 years. Or you’re born yesterday and you’ve only heard about his Transformers films and you only care about the opinions of 80 year old critics and insignificant, jaded bloggers?

    Have you heard of the The Rock, considered by many to be oe of the best action films EVER, have you heard of the Bad Boys films, Armageddon, The Island? These are all Bay films and they’re all extremely popular among the public. You may not like his films, for whatever reason, but don’t overreact and don’t try to be a smartass, especially when the facts are against you. And the facts are: Bay is one of the biggest filmmakers in history, he has a huge international audience and many other directors ( like Spielberg, Lucas, Nolan, Cameron and Sonnenfeld ) have praised his work. So relax.

    As for Pain and Gain. People talk about the movie because a) it’s based on a real story and its plot is pretty twisted and b) because it’s directed by Michael freakin’ Bay. Look at the trailers: they sell it as “a Michael Bay film”. Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why. Because the man has a HUGE audience and his name alone can sell a movie. There are very, very, very few directors who can do that. Bay is certainly one of them. In other words, people (not critics or angry bloggers) love his films and Paramount is relying on that fact. Simple as that.

    I can talk about that whole day. But I don’t have the time. I’m sure you get the picture. In the end here’s a free advice: don’t judge a movie before actually seeing it. And try to look at the big picture. Go around the web and you’ll see that unlike you most people think that this movie looks absolutely great and they’re excited to see it. Even hardcore Bay-haters admit that they want to see Pain and Gain. So wait for the movie, see the movie with an open mind (won’t be easy for you) and then share your own completely subjective opinion with the rest of the population. And rememeber: opinion is not a fact.

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