SXSW | Preliminary Reports are In…

Posted by Valentina Valentini on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

SXSW | Preliminary Reports are In…

Maybe the flight over had to be bad so that I could appreciate the singularity that is South by Southwest. It really is Spring Break for Filmmakers – herewithin coined SB4Filmers by moi. And even despite the weather (which supposedly is always gorgeous), Austin has been spitting humid rain and hanging windy clouds over our heads since I arrived on Friday.

First complaint – since we know how I never can resist – navigating around the convention center, and using signage in general: subpar. They don’t have room numbers on any of the main signs, which simply say, “In this area… xx, yy, etc.” Then when you actually happen to see a sign you might want, there are so many graphics all over it that you can’t tell what you’re looking at. Nice artwork, but terribly ineffective.

Now, for the good things: free venue shuttles, free hotel shuttle, free full hotel breakfast, free wifi everywhere, parties that spill out onto 6th Street, bands that you’d never hear otherwise playing for free at any bar you might pass, and of course, the people.

At the opening party on Friday night at Buffalo Billiards on 6th, it was three floors of 20-30somethings. See, I told you it was Spring Break. I actually overheard a 40-something executive (which is not old, mind you) say exasperatedly, “I gotta get outta here.”

At the party I mingled and mangled with David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) and got to tell him now spectacular his film was at Sundance, Ron Najor and Destin Daniel Cretton from Short Term 12 (of which I’m in line for at this very moment), a spattering of actors I couldn’t place because of lack of sleep, and Alex Karpovsky, who seemed to be in a bad mood.

Later today, expect reviews from Short Term 12, Some Girl(s), and Much Ado About Nothing. Righ now, the line’s moving…

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