Will The Heat Beat Out White House Down This Weekend?

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Will The Heat Beat Out White House Down This Weekend?

Well, I’ll be! Certainly, this must be some kind of malicious rumor! But maybe, just maybe, it’s true?! According to the weekly Fandango poll which documents the current ticket sales of the weekend movie crop as well as predicts which film will come out on top (clearly, much more interesting during summer blockbuster season), The Heat, that buddy cop movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, looks to be the top seller this weekend. What’s wrong with that? Well, nothing, except for the fact that Roland Emmerich’s latest masterpiece (aren’t they all?), White House Down, will also make its debut this weekend. Also a buddy comedy–but this time the buddies are not between two cops, but a cop and the president (that’s right: POTUS!)–White House Down stars Jamie Foxx and the man himself, Channing Tatum. Could this really be happening?!

Apparently, it already is. And what’s even more surprising is that The Heat isn’t minimally beating out White House Down. Nope. Instead, The Heat is ranking first, right above Monsters University in terms of weekend movie anticipation. Monsters University, allow me to remind you, already came out! And then, then, we get White House Down coming in third. Did no one hear what I said?! Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum must save the world! Where’s your sense of patriotism?!

Anyway, I guess only the weekend will tell what’s what, and hopefully White House Down will have a little saving grace of its own. What are you excited to see this weekend, Banterers?

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  1. This is REAL hip-hop y’all – take notes!

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