Magic Mike 2! Magic Mike 2!

Posted by Alia Haddad on November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Magic Mike 2! Magic Mike 2!

You know it’s gonna be a good week when Channing Tatum talks the very real possibility of a sequel to last year’s hit, Hubba Hubba, errrr I mean, Magic Mike. Ever heard of it? Well, you certainly should have! The Steven Soderbergh-directed film portrayed the surprisingly serious world of Mike (played by Tatum), a celebrated male stripper whose true motivation and calling in life was to be a furniture designer. Typical, right? But also, what’s not to love?! Male strippers, furniture designers, and Matthew McConaughey in perhaps the greatest role of all time (no one has seen The Wolf of Wall Street yet, needles to say). I’m not sure that list could get any better. Oh yes it can, we forgot about the one and only Channing Tatum, a man so charming that even, I, who can freely admit he is not my type, blush a little bit when I see him in an interview.

Anyway, so flash forward through all the success that Magic Mike undoubtedly received, the powers that be are– surprise, surprise– more than a little interested in making just as a, if not more, successful sequel to the original groundbreaking film. So much so that Tatum, while doing the press rounds for his other must-save-POTUS hit, White House Down, Tatum gave all us eager viewers a little tidbit of anticipation.

As reported on ETOnline, Tatum said, “”It will be a road trip movie. It will essentially be the movie that everyone thought the first one was going to be — crazy and fun and less slice-of-life and less drama. The first one, we had to make not so cheesy and campy; this one we are going to swing for the fences.” Uhhh, count me in!

Don’t mind the squealing. Check back here for updates.

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